Meet some of our wonderful missionaries who work hard spreading the gospel of Jesus Christ around the world. Not all of our missionaries are listed here as some don’t have a profile to ensure their safety because they’re currently located in dangerous parts of the world. Please pray for the safety of our missionaries and support them with a donation if you can.

Andres Gonzalez

The Ahn Family


Bernie and Jean Latour

Carolynn Hudson

Charity and Tyler Abernathy

Chuck and Ann Tompkins

Clive and Kathryn Gray

Dave and Marie Delmedico

Doug and Marilyn Stewart

Edith Johnson

Edwin and Karina Narvaez

Federico and Raquel Ferrero

Fran Boyle

Gerald and Susan Lee

Glenn and Mindy Heinsch

Heather Pappa

Rev. Jimmie and Gloria Johnson

Joe and Heike Batluck

Kathy Briner

Leiton Chinn

Lisa Espineli Chinn

Lucy Hsu

Ned and Sharon Hale

Oscar Tovar

Phil & Cariane Knudsen

Reuben Kawinzi

Rick and Beth Hicks

Tamer and Cindy

Terrell and Mary Smith

William and Chantell Burgess

Sheryl and Steve Froehlich

Rupert Henry and Judy Henry