Richard and Catherine Weston

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Location: Oxford, UK Sending Church: Magdalen Road Church Ministry Started: 1985 (Joined Y.E.S. 2008) Duration: Part-Time About Since 1985 Richard and Catherine Weston have been involved with ministry among international students (ISM) in a variety of roles. In local ministry they have served in both Cambridge and Oxford. Richard has also served as National Director (CEO) of Friends International 1999-2008. Since June 2009 they have been seeking to assist the development of ISM in other parts of the world. Their vision and gifting is to pioneer and nurture ISM in new places both in the UK and internationally. They have two grown sons and a daughter in law. Ministry International education is now a global phenomenon ensuring that bright, aspiring students are on the move everywhere. Churches worldwide have an opportunity to offer the gospel to these future leaders while they are studying away from home. For 8 years Richard worked with YES missionary Leiton Chinn serving the Lausanne movement in developing ISM in countries where it is most needed. From 2017 Richard will be supporting the work of IFES Europe in their efforts to grow lasting and fruitful ISMs while Catherine will be using her writing skills to develop written resources for use in the UK and Europe. Both Richard & Catherine are also involved in personal ministry among international students in their home and church in Oxford and give some time to helping Friends International in the UK. Personal Message In his many trips to the US Richard has warmly appreciated the support and affirmation of many new Christian friends. We continue to need to raise 100% of our support and we are grateful for the opportunity, via Y.E.S Ministries, to have a channel for tax efficient giving from US sources. Do get in touch with us, using contact details below.