Kayla Underwood

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Location: Ethiopia Duration: Full-Time About I will be serving as a full-time missionary with Selamta Family Project in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. Selamta Family Project creates forever families for orphaned and abandoned children & recently launched their second generation of Forever Family Homes, including 5 kids with special needs. I believe that people with special needs are an unreached people group due to the lack of understanding of the potential they have to learn and understand. I will train & educate the local staff and mothers regarding how to care for kids with special needs. I will work alongside the staff and families to determine what resources these children need to thrive, while working with local and overseas ministries to provide these resources. I plan to connect with local ministries and schools in hopes of creating a network to serve families who have kids with special needs. I will also be working alongside local churches who desire to serve families affected by disabilities to start special needs ministries. In this, I hope that the Gospel will be proclaimed in this area to those who have not heard before.