Tamer and Cindy


After growing up on opposite sides of the Atlantic, the Lord brought Tamer and Cindy together in union. Little did they realize that joining forcing these two artists would plunge together in discovering how to bring the kingdom of heaven on earth! Tamer and Cindy are both professional artists with experience and love for media. Tamer continues in research and studies on historical, Biblical and super-natural matters.


Their focus has been the Middle East and Arab World. A very strategic location especially during the times we are living in. With the advantage of understanding the cultural background, Tamer and Cindy seek and desire to see the territory transformed through the evident power of the Holy Spirit. They are seeing people healed and transformed in their meetings. People are experiencing the power of the Holy Spirit just as the early church. They also use their arts to reach common people and speak God's destiny into their lives. Tamer continues to also teach in churches and small groups. When opportunity arises they are also asked to create material for Christian satellite television that reaches out to over 70 nations. The discourse of the country has led people to leave or doubt the mainstream religion. Which has left a harvest which is ready!

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