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Location: Hidden Sending Church: Hidden Ministry Started: Hidden Duration: Full-Time About Here at Y.E.S. we have quite a few missionaries whose identities and information are not to be published or available because these missionaries are in dangerous parts of the world where being a christian or talking about Jesus Christ will have you put in prison and many times killed. We want to protect the safety of our missionaries so we won't share their locations or names. This all being said we want you to know they're out there doing God's will and trying to bring the Word to those who are otherwise sheltered from the Good News. Because we want you to be able to support them financially, if you feel led to do so, we will take any donations written out to "Anonymous" to be split among our undisclosed missionaries. If you know a particular undisclosed missionary by name that you wish to donate to please put their name in the box for whom the donation is to go to. Alternatively, if you wish to donate to missionaries located in a certain region of the world, we can split your donation between all the missionaries in that location. Just put the location you wish the donation to go to in the "Missionary name" box. (i.e. "Asia" or "China") Please also keep the undisclosed missionaries in your prayers, for their safety and His will to be done.