John NartehGhana, Africa

    Sending Church: Missionary Ministries Int’l; Haines City, FL
    Ministry Start Date: April 2009
    Duration: Full Time
    Location: Ghana, Africa

    John Narteh runs a non-profit, charitable Christian ministry that operates in Florida, United States of America. Internationally, we have been involved in missions in Guyana, South America as well as countries in Africa such as Ghana, Nigeria, Togo and Liberia. Our aim is to reach out to the spiritual and material needs of every soul around the globe. Preaching, teaching and discipleship are what we do. We emphasize one-on-one soul winning missions. We are the spiritual firefighters, the soul rescue team for Christ. Keeping sinners out of hell is our daily task. We will not let sinners go to hell unwarned.

    ‘Each One, Reach One, Care For One’ is our slogan. We organize youth counseling programs on drug abuse and sexually transmitted diseases. We do leadership seminars, evangelism, church planting, crusades, and school projects. We also work alongside the health care department by organizing mobile clinic services such as personal hygiene, good dieting, and preservation of the environment. Our ministry serves as an independent, international agent for both local and foreign individuals, as well as same faith based churches and believers. We help private companies and others in any task that may require our services.

    Personal Message
    Financially, we depend on your donations, gifts to carry out this missions successfully. Please help us in any way you can. It will be appreciated and be sure of God’s blessings. Luke 6:38. We would like you to partner with us in prayer as well financially.

    Missionary Ministries International
    Haines City, FL 33845
    Phone: 863-852-0547