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    Clive grew up in Ghana, West Africa and followed his dream to become a pilot, while Kathryn grew up in Florida, USA and became an ESL Teacher. Together with our three (now adult) children, we served in Indonesia from 2005-2015 in Missionary Aviation and English Education. With Clive having retired from flying in 2015 we are now based in Northern Ireland, UK where we are both pursuing Master’s Degrees in Transformational Leadership. We are also embarking upon an exciting new partnership with Simply The Story as global Instructors for STS Oral Bible Story Workshops Did you know that over 80% of the world’s people either cannot read, or prefer not to learn from reading? Yet they need to receive the Gospel in a package that they can open, understand and pass on to others. We have personally been transformed after encountering the Biblical narrative in its original oral format. Now, we want to share our experience to help others develop the skills necessary to study the Bible accurately and inductively, asking purposeful questions that encourage men, women and children around the world to discover spiritual truths.

    Clive & Kathryn Gray
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